Corriere For Kinder


Corriere della Sera published Mamme di ieri e di oggi, an online article, sponsored by Kinder, that exposes the difficulties of today’s mums, often overwhelmed by the work commitments and the family ones. 


Design a set of illustrations describing the typical day of a nowadays busy mum. 


7 a.m. 
Wake up! Breakfast with kids and then get ready for work.

12:45. It’s almost lunch time. Hurry up and get some comfort food.

13:00. It’s lunch time. While eating pay the bills, order online grocery shopping, send some emails.


16:30. Go to the gym or to the swimming pool.

Support kids with some fun outdoor activities.

Finally go back home.

Unpack the groceries, set the table, make dinner.

21:00. Relax time. While kids are playing load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and the floors.

22:00. Time for goodnight. Read a fairy tale for your kids.


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