Francesco Mircoli


Francesco Mircoli is an Italian emerging songwriter debuting with his first album Psicofarmaci (Italian word for psychotropic drugs). Francesco Mircoli’s sound is a cocktail spirit of Pop, Indie-Rock , Electro and Funky.


Design a vibrant and impactful digipack in order to make the debut album of Francesco Mircoli Psicofarmaci stands out.



First of all, I created a clean and modern monogram to emphasize the strong personality of the singer. After that, I started designing the digipack of Psicofarmaci, the debut album. I tried not to describe the main concept of psychotropic drugs literally, avoiding cliches and stereotyped paths. I designed a very minimal visual, shot in a very hazy dreamlike manner. In addition, I choose for the visual a colour palette with an accent red and blue in order to set in motion a common reflection and turn feelings of euphoria, disinhibition and disorientation on.




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