Chanel launched Blue de Chanel, a fresh, clean and profoundly sensual fragrance. Encased in a broad shouldered bottle of an intense navy blu, the scent is inspired by a night sky and is for those who experience the night in an unexpected way.


Support Chanel during the launch of Bleu de Chanel engaging GQ audience through an integrated campaign dedicated to the night subject.




Chanel and GQ have always represented a lifestyle philosophy and they are guides for their target market: an adult man who is substantive and sophisticated, who refuses social conventions and is constantly looking for deep meaning. A man who loves to experience the night.

Feel the Night is born. A point of reference for everyone who loves nightlife and wants to experience it in an unconventional way. Feel The Night is a GQ editorial project in partnership with Chanel. A guide for everyone who loves nightlife and wants to experience the coolest and most exclusive places in major Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Florence. A multi-platform initiative full of contents such as 5 city video guides and a mobile app to discover the perfect night.

Video Guides

A GQ journalist visits five cities to embrace their night soul. His journey begins every time the blue hour arrives: when the sun goes below the horizon and the last light of the day fades out. Only then our lonely protagonist sets off. The envoy dwells in different clubs, ready to be captured by their atmosphere. Each location is like a puzzle piece, and only after having experienced all of them he can get a real image of the city.

Watch the gallery below.

Mobile App

Feel the Night is also an app focused on nightlife. The App interprets the needs and desires of users, thanks to an accurate ranking of information, and suggest the perfect solution for a memorable night out.

01 • Choose the city where you’d like to spend a night out.
02 • Choose the day, hour, what you want to do and who spend your night with.
03 • Here is your night! Read reviews of the location and use the map to find it.

The App has been highlighted as best app on app store and best ranking on google play.

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