Magnum The Switch


We all have different sides of personality – sometimes we want to be fun and playful, sometimes we want to be more sophisticated and elegant; none of us are the same person all the time. This is why Magnum created two different ice creams, for different moments: Magnum Pink reflecting your fun, cheeky and exuberant side and Magnum Black reflecting the sophisticated aspects of your personality. 


Support Magnum during the launch of the new Magnum Pink&Black engaging Vanity Fair audience.



Two ice cream, two colours, two styles. Two sides of the same personality, but which one is to choose? Here comes the idea of a “movie tips” collection to fully express one’s Pink or Black soul.

We created, together with Vanity Fair, 4 interactive video tips, on different themes – food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The videos had been interactive since users could click on the button P or B at any time to switch from pink to the black mode in the video.

All the video contents had been hosted on a minisite embedded on the Vanity Fair platform.

Please take a look at the photo gallery below.

Proudly made as an in-house designer at Studio 27, Condé Nast.


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