Sicis Jewels


Sicis manufactures high-end contemporary jewellery collection, marked by the unique settings of thousands of tesserae in micro-mosaic and gold, and precious gems. Micro and nano-mosaic are one of the most ancient and elaborate techniques in jewellery manufacturing, which got almost lost. Sicis studied micro-mosaic jewels collection of the ‘ 700 and ‘800 preserved in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg or in Vatican Museums for over 25 years of historical research, leading to the establishment of an atelier for the study of micro-mosaic art.



Design the new Sicis Jewel’s Unique catalogue in order to promote the most exclusive and limited editions Sicis Jewels.

The work involved shooting and retouching of images to be used through all catalogue.
All photos had been taken by photographer Leonardo Corallini.


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